Church History

The Church was founded in May of 1924 by a group of people who were worshipping God as a unit going from house to house under the leadership of the Rev. George Allen. This unit decided to come together as an organized church.  At its beginning, it was called Zion Hill Baptist Church of New Brunswick Highlands because of its nearness to New Brunswick, NJ, and due to it being serviced by the New Brunswick Post Office.  Some initial church organizers were Freewill Baptist and others were Missionary Baptist; and as such two churches were formed:  The Macedonia Freewill Baptist Church and the Zion Hill Baptist Church.
The church is now named the Zion Hill Baptist Church of Piscataway, New Jersey Inc., to identify with the town of Piscataway

The first pastor called was Rev. George Miller; a salesman, carpenter and preacher.  The first edifice was erected under his leadership in 1927. Rev. Miller served from 1924 until he resigned on April 10, 1935.

In 1935 Rev. Clifford G. Wooding accepted the call and became the second pastor.

The Rev. J. A. McMillon became Pastor in the fall of 1937 and served 26 years., the second edifice was completed under his leadership. 

Prior to Rev. McMillon's death in 1963, John T. Meadows was licensed and ordained by Zion Hill Baptist Church and served as Assistant Pastor and later Acting Pastor. He was installed as the fourth Pastor on August 16,1964. The present edifice, 450 Highland Ave, was completed in 1978 during Rev. Meadows pastorate,

On Sunday, December 10, 1989 Zion Hill installed its fifth Pastor, Rev. Otis L. Bowden of Orange, NJ.  Rev. Bowden served from 1989 until 2003

After three years of searching, on March 12, 2006 Zion Hill installed its sixth Pastor, Rev. Dr. Leonard Hampton.  

.  Rev. Dr. Hampton came to Zion Hill with many gifts. He is a preacher, a teacher, a musician, a singer and a visionary.  He received an Honorary Doctorate from Virginia University of Lynchburg on January 17, 2016.  Under Pastor Hampton's leadership souls have been saved.   The church has grown spiritually and physically, numerous upgrades and renovations have happened. New carpet has been installed, pews padded, the pulpit area remodeled, a church office created, a new organ and a church bus purchased, and a security system installed.  Faith Kitchen, a licensed kitchen to feed those less fortunate, has been established.  Video monitors have been installed in the sanctuary.  A website is in development as well as a Community Development Corporation (CDC).  Expansion of the present building is in the future.

Rev. Dr. Hampton's Vision

To help our community by building functioning Ministries, that addresses their needs

(Ephesians 4: 11-16)

Zion Hill Baptist Church has had a blessed and rich history.