Christian Education

The Bible teaches that we are to study to show thyself approved to GOD as well as to rightly divide the word of GOD. (2 Timothy 2:15)


It takes proper teaching to understand what and how to study GOD's word. Here at Zion Hill, we established The Christian Education Ministry with the purpose of supporting and educating those who have made a commitment to serve GOD. To teach and minister to members of all ages.

Becoming a Christian is not only a gift of redemption. It is also a way of life and living this life without understanding can become difficult and confusing. Therefore, learning to study the word of GOD can provide a guideline or map that leads new Christians, young Christians and even seasoned Christians, through this thing called life.

To accomplish such a task, the Christian Education Ministry is committed to offering workshops, Sunday School studies, Vacation Bible School studies and purchasing the correct literature for the task.

We welcome new members and longstanding members to get involved and remain involved with such a promising asset to Christian growth.